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Learning to fly an airplane or helicopter can literally be the experience of a lifetime
Contact US - Private Pilot License PPL

I with over 7,300 hours and is qualified to provide instruction for Private, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor, Instrument Flight Instructor and Air Pilot Certificates - for both single and multi-engine airplanes or small helicopter . It's also type rated in Learjet 60 and King Air 350, C525, C625 series aircraft. You can reach me at email. I am would love to help others follow their dream of flying.

Contact US - Private Pilot License

If you have been looking around the information about Private Pilot License, I am sure you have seen some articles written by people who are not even in the industry and others written by PPL who may have just received their private pilot licenses. Some of the information may be close and others are pretty far off. Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome at a message using email In schools with low-cost, are usually used small light aircraft that consume less fuel. In the instructors there are people only recently received access to the work of the instructor and not having enough experience. Flight schedule, generally is not made, and the queue for long flights. The price does not include textbooks, pass medical board, fees for examinations.

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