Private Pilot License PPL
Private Pilot License PPL is required for an individual to act as a pilot of an aircraft or helicopter
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Private Pilot License

Are thinking about being a pilot small aircraft or helicopter? Maybe take some family vacations? Entertaining the idea of being a pilot jobs full time? The first step toward any of your aviation goals is the Private Pilot License PPL The Private Pilot License is a more involved in terms of requirements than a sport pilot license. This license will allow you to fly larger single engine planes under what's called visual flight rules. Once get your PPL you can move right up other licenses.

The Private Pilot License is the way to start. Whether you wish to fly for personal gratification or working toward a career in pilot. This is the first step, your ticket to the sky. It is also the stepping stone for those who want to become a professional pilot. Once learning, you will be able to fly friends and family to destination of wherever you want around the world. Private pilot license will allow you to fly larger single engine planes under what's called visual flight rules.

Private Pilot License Requirements

The private pilot license requirements are similar to the sport pilot requirements with time and money being the differences between them. Here is a requirements of what you need:

  1. At least 17 years of age, but You can begin training at any age
  2. You able to read, speak, write the English language
  3. Minimum of 40 hours flight time and this must include: 20 hours of instruction, 3 hours of cross country, stopping at 3 different airports, 3 hours of night time flight, 5 cross-country, 3 takeoffs
  4. Pass a private pilot license knowledge written test
  5. Pass a practical flight test with a federal aviation license examiner
  6. Pass a third class flight physical and if planning on getting a commercial, get 1 class physical
  7. Private Pilot License medical requirements